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Intensive Model of Therapy (IMOT)

Intensive Model of Therapy and NAPA Intensive Programs

IMOT, the Intensive Model of Therapy, is a therapeutic approach to treating children and adults with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders. NAPA therapists utilise the IMOT by treating clients 2-6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 3 full weeks. The popularity and reputation our intensive combined program is spreading throughout the world, as clients, therapists, and other medical professionals continue to see the outstanding results. In fact, many children gain more progress towards their goals in 3 weeks of intensive therapy than they do in a whole 12 months of ongoing traditional therapy!

Our 3-week intensive program is based on strengthening and conditioning, decreasing unwanted reflexes, and teaching new improved motor patterns through repetition and correct alignment.

The combination of the NeuroSuit, CME, SpiderCage Therapy, alongside traditional physio, occupational and speech/feeding therapy is the foundation of NAPA. This unique combination of therapies is not currently available in any other Australian clinic.

Personalised Program

We customize each intensive program based on your child’s individual needs. The mix of therapy and hours within each intensive will be assessed depending on the client’s diagnosis, age, stamina, strengths/weaknesses, and goals. Our therapists will advise and design a personalised program for every client that varies the activities, exercises, intensity, and even tools they use during a 3-week intensive program.

Home Exercise Programs

At the end of 3-weeks, you will be guided through a simple and effective program so you can continue therapy at home. Exercises are filmed and sent to you, so you have an excellent reminder of what to do. Additionally, our therapists are available for follow-up consultations and emails.

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