Physical Therapy


NAPA Centre’s Intensive Physiotherapy program is an intensive approach to physiotherapy consisting of 60 to 90 hours of vigorous therapy in just 3 weeks using the NeuroSuit and Universal Exercise Units. This highly effective method of treatment uses cutting edge methods to challenge the child and achieve new physical abilities. The NeuroSuit utilizes technology originally from the Russian space program to fight the effects of weightlessness. The NeuroSuit helps hold the patient’s body in correct alignment and adds additional weight bearing through the use of bungee type bands that are attached on the suit. More about Physiotherapy ›

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) assists individuals in achieving greater independence in all areas of life. “Occupations” include any meaningful activity of an individual’s everyday life. For example, a few childhood occupations include learning in school, being a family member, and playing with friends. An OT’s role is to assist individuals in performing “occupations” with the greatest level of independence possible.
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Speach Therapy

Speech Therapy

Anyone at any age can have a speech, swallowing and/or language problem. The earlier the problem is diagnosed and therapy begun, the better the chances of successful treatment. Speech and language development is not a separate function but a continuous process involving every aspect of the individual — intellectual, motor, emotional, and social. More about Speech Therapy ›



The NeuroSuit frames the body providing support and resistance simultaneously. It improves and changes proprioception (pressure from the joints, ligaments, muscles), reduce a patient’s undesired reflexes, facilitates proper movement and provides additional weight bearing distributed strategically throughout the body. This additional weight bearing provides strong feedback to the brain which helps create new improved patterns of movement such as when walking while the body is maintaining a more upright, correct posture.
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Conductive Education

Conductive Education

Conductive Education is an educational based, ongoing learning program that aims to address developmental problems in a holistic way. It teaches the participants to overcome difficulties so they can live a more independent life. Here, participants learn ways to access information about the environment without modifying the environment.
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CME (Cuevas Medek Exercise)

CME is a technique developed by Ramón Cuevas in 1972 while he was working with several young children. The basic goal of C.M.E. is “to create a method of exercises that will provoke the automatic postural responses from the motor delayed children, in spite of their neurological damage and level of awareness.” More about CME ›

Spider Cage Therapy

SpiderCage Therapy

With a variety of equipment in the SpiderCage, the patient can experience dynamic balance activities such as transitioning from sitting to quadruped, quadruped to kneeling, and transition all the way to standing with the assistance of bungee cords attached to the patient from 4 angles. A total of 8 bungees are used to assist the patient.
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