2021 Registration for NAPA Intensives

Registration for our Australian clinics will open for the NAPA 2021 Intensives on Thursday 3rd September at 10am. 

From this day, you will be able to register for any of the listed 2021 intensive sessions, including all intensives to be held in Sydney, our new Melbourne Clinic and our two pop up clinics in the Gold Coast and Auckland. 

The 2021 Australian Schedule can be found here.


Is your child’s Paperwork complete? 

Prior to registration, you should ensure that you have completed our NAPA Patient Intake forms so that we have all the up to date information about your child ahead of the registration. We cannot add your child into a session without the intake form being completed. 

  • NEW NAPA FAMILIES: For families who are new to NAPA and have not completed at Patient Intake form, you will need to complete the full NAPA Australian patient intake form which can be found here.

  • EXISTING NAPA FAMILIES: For existing NAPA families who have already submitted an intake form or have attended the clinic, you may just need to complete the NAPA Australia Patiuent Intake Update form which can be found here. Intakes need to be updated every 12 months. 


If you are intending on registering for the upcoming Auckland pop up, please complete the Australian Patient Intake form ahead of the registration.

Before September 3rd, you can plan and prioritise which intensives in the 2021 NAPA Australia schedule that you are going to register for. 

Read below for some handy hints… 


2021 NAPA Intensive Registration FAQ’s 


How do I register? 

On Thursday 3rd September go to the NAPA website: www.napacentre.com.au 

There will be a live registration button you click on from 10am.  It will not work before 10am. 

NAPA are unable to take booking requests over the phone, so make sure you can be at a computer on the day. 

I cannot register on the registration day – can I register at another time? 

Registrations for all of our intensives will open on Thursday 3rd September at 10am. Based on our experience in previous years, it is highly advisable that you register at this time or get someone to register on your behalf as sessions can fill up fast. Registrations remain open indefinitely so you can still register for any intensive after the 3rd September. Once a session is fully booked, your child will be added to the session waitlist. 


Does registering guarantee me a spot in the intensive I’ve chosen? 

No. Registering is an expression of interest only and simply lets us know that you are interested in that session. NAPA will be in contact to confirm if you have been successful in securing a spot in the intensive and will send you through confirmation information and an invoice for the session. Your child’s intensive only becomes confirmed once you have paid a $1,000 deposit or completed the NDIS Service Agreement (for NDIS Managed and Plan Managed clients only) 


Are certain intensive sessions easier to get into than others? 

Yes. Our school holiday sessions are in highest demand and tend to book out the fastest. If you are not particular about when your child completes their intensive, or your child is not yet at school, then we suggest you choose options outside of the school holiday periods. 

Don’t forget that NAPA’s team of amazing therapists is expanding, so more places come up as the year goes on. 


How many intensives can I register my child in? 

While you are able to register for as many as you would like, we suggest that you only apply for the dates you really can commit too and prioritise your top 3 session dates.  

We would prefer you to register for your key sessions you are interested in. Within an application you will be able to add a note about your flexibility or top session preferences, rather than registering for every session throughout the year.  

Please only register for a session date once, don’t have 20 friends apply for one session date on your behalf. This will not improve your child’s chances of being offered a place. 

Typically, children may do between 2-4 intensives a year. Whighly recommend a minimum two-month (8-9 week) break between intensive sessions. You will continue to see gains after your child’s session, and it is just as important to build off those gains as the intensive session itself. If you would like to schedule another session within two months of your last, you will need discuss this with NAPA and receive permission from the NAPA therapy team. 


What happens once I have registered? 

The registration process is an extremely busy time for NAPA as we schedule an entire year’s worth of intensives for the two clinics and the pop-up sessions at this time. It is a manual process and very complex as we try and ensure that as many families as possible get a session and each program is appropriate for each child. Please allow us some time to come back to you by email and confirm if your child has gained a place in an intensive or has been added to a waitlist for a sessionIf you haven’t heard from us after 14 days, please just drop us an email. 

If your child is offered a place, then you will need to complete payment of your deposit to secure and hold that position within 7 days. Once paid, your place is secure in that intensive. 

Whilst your child may initially miss out on a preferred place due to demandwe process a number of rounds of applications over the weeks post the registration opening as families accept or decline their session offers. Your child will be added to the waitlist to each of the sessions that you registered for, and we will contact you by email if an appropriate place can be foundKeep in mind that things can easily change in other family’s lives through the year, and these waitlist spots may be offered to you sooner rather than later. 


What if I cant travel to an intensive due to COVID restrictions? 

At all times, NAPA will abide by the current restrictions as advised by the relevant state authorities. If you register and pay a deposit for a 2021 intensive that is affected by a COVID closure or by state/international travel restrictions, we will work with you to reschedule your intensive for a later date when things have settled down (subject to availability). If you need to cancel/change an intensive due to COVID reasons, you will not be required to pay a cancellation/reschedule fee. You must provide evidence of the COVID reason however. 


Can I choose any NAPA clinic to attend? 

You will have the option on the registration form to select your preferred clinic: Sydney or Melbourne, or preferred pop-up location: Gold Coast (Queensland) or Auckland (New Zealand). Please ensure that you are registering for the correct location.

To register for intensives in our US clinics, you will need to complete to process again when registration opens for all of our US locations: Los Angeles, Boston and Austin. 


Any other Intensive Registration tips? 

We strongly suggest that you get yourself completely organised ahead of the intensive registration day in order to maximise your chances. This includes making sure your child’s patient intake information is completed and is up to date, and that you have prioritised which intensives you would really like to get in to and have considered some backup dates as options.  


Hot tips about registration from NAPA parents 

  • Have your preferred dates chosen in advance– do check your calendar for 2021 for your local school holiday dates, any family events, any holidays or long weekends planned etc that might mean you can’t travel to or attend an intensive 
  • Have any particular details or notes about any preferences pre-written in a Word document so you can easily copy and paste into the notes field in the registration form – this will save you time and effort! Information about your child’s nap times or feeding times is super helpful for planning. 
  • If you have particular preferences – NAPA will do their best to accommodate your preferences, but in general, the more you add (such as start times, therapists etc) the harder it may be to easily schedule you into a session. If your chosen therapist is already booked up, it is noted by the team, but that therapist may not become an option. The upside is, your child will be with an equally fantastic NAPA therapist – in fact you may find a new favourite therapist!  
  • NAPA would prefer you to register for the key sessions you are interested in, with an additional note in the notes section regarding flexibility around dates, rather than registering for every session throughout the year.  
  • You do have to be quick! Registrations come in super-fast on the day and it is kind of like buying concert ticketsIf you are not very computer savvy or don’t have access to a laptop or computer, find someone who is! The laptop will be easier to use than your phone. 
  • Therapy type preferences: If in doubt, you really don’t know, or you have only recently submitted an intake form, choose therapists recommendations for types of therapy option 
  • Make sure you complete all of your own and your child’s details in full, as well as your contact details. 
  • On the day of registration don’t keep refreshing the NAPA website 100 times before 10am. It will mess up your computer cache and you won’t be able to register any faster.  
  • The system will work. If you are having issues, remember to FIRST check which internet browser you are using (Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome etc), and some workplace internal servers/firewalls are not a fan of some forms. Check this before calling NAPA!  
  • On the day, concentrate on making your own child’s session selections carefully when the webpage opens. Don’t waste precious time by ringing NAPA at 10.01am or posting on social media – that just wastes your time – and jams the NAPA phone lines!  
  • Don’t panic and stay calm!!! You’ve got this NAPA Parents! 


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