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Australian Intensive Registration

2024 Intensive Schedule and Registration

Registration for our 2024 schedule of intensives is now OPEN via the below links


2024 Australian Intensive schedule

2024 Australian registration form

Registration Process

1. Complete Your Patient Intake Form

  • Returning Families For returning families, if you have therapy recommendations from NAPA already (which are under 24 months old) – we don’t need anything more from you at this stage, but we encourage you to complete an update to the form if your child has had a further diagnosis, made some developments, or routine has changed since their last visit.
  • New to NAPA Families – We require all NEW to NAPA families to submit a Patient Intake form (PI). Without a therapy profile and recommendations, we will not be able to be place your child onto the initial intensive schedule, but we can place your child on the waitlist until we have the recommendations in place. Again, if you have completed this previously (within the past 24 months) but just never attended NAPA then you don’t need to do anything unless you would like to provide us with an update on your child or any recent developments.  You can complete the form vis the intake section of this website.

2. Consider Your Session Dates

  • Before you register, review all available dates and consider up to five sessions that will work best for your family.

3. Register Your Intensive Session Preferences

  • Once you have made your selections you can complete the registration form.
  • You can select up to 5 sessions and locations of your choice. During the initial registration period, we are only considering one registration form per patient, however you will be able to update your choices after the initial registration period.
  • Remember that all NAPA three-week intensives are Monday-Friday for three weeks (typically 15 days in total). Your registration is an understanding that your child will be attending for the full period of the intensive, so please ensure you can definitely do the full sessions you are registering for.

4. Wait for Your Intensive Offer

  • Intensive Scheduling is a lengthy process so please give us some time to come back to you if we are able to offer your child an intensive session.
  • Intensive Offers will come via the email address that your used on your registration and will be followed with an invoice for the session.
  • Your intensive is only confirmed once you accept that spot in writing and either pay your $1000 deposit or return a completed NDIS service agreement. Please note that you may have to pay the holding deposit if the intensive dates you have registered for fall outside of your current NDIS plan dates. You can read more about this process on the Payments page.
  • Please note that submitting a registration form is a request for an intensive only. Filling out this form in no way guarantees you a session or any of your preferences. We do our absolute best to accommodate your requests but due to the volume of applications, all with specific preferences and scheduling needs, meeting even your most preferred request is not always possible.
  • If you miss out on the session you have registered for, we will automatically add you to the waitlist for that session.

Need Assistance?

If English is your second language or you don’t have access to a computer, then we suggest you have someone assist you with this process or have it explained to you in advance.

NAPA Intensive Registration FAQ’s

Is Intensive Registration now open?

Yes! Registration for 2024 intensives is now open. Please register via the links above but note that many of our intensives are fully subscribed and you may be added to the waitlist. Waitlists simply mean that the session is currently full and you may be contacted should another family pull out of their intensive or should additional spots become available. 2025 Intensives are likely to be open for registration from early October 2024.


Are you doing any pop-ups in 2024?

We are hopeful that we will be able to schedule some pop up sessions in 2024, however for the moment we will not be announcing any pop up sessions until a later date. It is best to register for NAPA intensives in our existing clinics for the moment and we can always change your booking should we announce a pop up and you are successful in getting in.

Do I have to do the full three-week intensive?

Registering for our intensives is a commitment to the full three-week program. This typically runs Monday – Friday for three weeks straight (unless interupted by a public holiday). Where possible try to arrange any other appointments and all travel arrangements so it does not affect the allocated intensive hours and your child’s important therapy program and goals. NAPA cannot guarantee that we will be able to move the schedule or provide “make-up” sessions. Any missed sessions will still be charged at a full rate unless a medical certificate is provided.

We recommend that you put other therapy sessions on hold for the weeks your child is at the intensive program so they have time to both focus and rest. If you have existing specialist medical appointments that can’t be moved please let us know as soon as possible.

If you are unable to complete the full intensive then we suggest not registering for those dates so we can leave the spot open for a child who can attend the whole intensive. Should you not be able to complete days/sessions within an intensive due to other commitments, you will still be responsbible for payment of these sessions as your therapists will have been allocated for the full intensive program.

How do the 1-week Booster intensives work?

One Week Booster intensives are like a compressed version of our intensive program and are reserved for children who have been to NAPA previously. You can register your interest in joining one of our one week sessions on the registration form but please note that these intensives are not scheduled until roughly 8 weeks prior to the start date, so you will not hear about these on-week intensives until then.

How do I register for intensives in the US or London?

You can find out more about the US/UK schedule and registration here.



Can I submit multiple registration forms?

This year we are only accepting one form per patient. Submitting multiple forms will not increase your chances of gaining an intensive spot.

Please note that we will always work off the most recently received registration form.

Are certain intensive sessions easier to get into than others?

Yes. Our school holiday sessions are in highest demand and tend to book out the fastest. If you are not particular about when your child completes their intensive, or your child is not yet at school, then we suggest you choose options outside of the school holiday blocks.

How do I know if NAPA has received my registration request?

If your Registration Request has gone through successfully, you will receive a confirmation email directly to the email address that you have registered with. You can utilise this confirmation email to check your selections at any time.

How many intensives can I register my child in?

We suggest that you only apply for the dates you really can commit to and prioritise your top session dates in the order that you want them. Typically, children may do between 2-4 intensives a year. We recommend a minimum  6-week break between intensive sessions, including sessions you may be doing with other clinics. You will continue to see gains after your child’s session, and it is just as important to build off those gains as the intensive session itself. If you would like to schedule another session within two intensives of your last, you will need discuss this with NAPA and receive permission from the NAPA therapy team. This year, the registration form will limit you to just 5 session choices.

If you are flexible and can do any intensive during the year or intensives in other clinics, then please mention this in the comments section of the registration form. Do not submit additional registration forms.

How do I amend my registration request once I have submitted it?

If you make an error on your registration form, we suggest that you reply to the confirmation email that you receive with the corrected information.  Please note that if you choose to submit a new form, we will always work off the most recently received registration form.

What happens once I have submitted my registration request?

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your registration request and the selections you have made. This should be kept as a record of your registration request, but in no way guarantees that you have been successful in obtaining a spot in our program.

The registration process is an extremely busy time for NAPA as we schedule an entire year’s worth of intensives for all of our clinics. It is a manual process and very complex as we try and ensure that as many families as possible get a session and each program is appropriate for each child. Please allow us some time to come back to you by email and confirm if your child has gained a place in an intensive or has been added to a waitlist for a session.

Whilst your child may initially miss out on a preferred place due to demand, we process a number of rounds of applications over the weeks post the registration opening as families accept or decline their session offers. Your child will automatically be added to the waitlist to each of the sessions that you registered for, and we will contact you by email if an appropriate place can be found. Keep in mind that things can easily change in other family’s lives throughout the year, and these waitlist spots may be offered to you sooner rather than later.

I am already on the waitlist for previous years, do I need to register again for 2024?

Yes! Even if you have registered for sessions in 2023 or prior, you will need to complete the registration process again for 2024 indicating the sessions and preferences you are interested in for the new year.

At NAPA, we treat each calendar year seperately so you will need to complete this process each year.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Our normal cancellation policy applies to all intensive sessions once they have been confirmed and the deposit has been paid/NDIS Service agreement has been returned. For our full cancellation policy please click here.

I haven't received any communication about registration or since registration - What's happening?

Please note that we will only be in touch with you after registration if we have a space to offer your child. Due to the number of registrations we receive each year, we simply cannot get into contact with every family. If you have not heard from us, this means that you have missed out on a initial place in the intensives you have registered for but we will have automatically added you to our waitlists for those sessions so we may still get into contact with you further down the track if a spot opens up or as our team continues to build. We also suggest that you follow our facebook page as that is where last minute intensive spots often open up.

Please be aware that on occasions (and especially if you have a hotmail email address), emails from our central server can filter automatically into your junk folder. Please monitor these folders, especially in the weeks following registration, as that is where your intensive offers may go! It is best to add NAPA Centre as an approved sender of emails to your system to avoid this happening in the future.

I still have registration questions – what should I do?

Reach out to us at any time to ask your registration questions. You can submit them via email or we recommend calling one of our clinics to get your questions answered on the spot.

Hot Tips About Registration From NAPA Parents 

  • Have your preferred dates chosen in advance– do check your calendar for your local school holiday dates, any family events, any holidays or long weekends planned etc that might mean you can’t travel to or attend an intensive.
  • Have any particular details or notes about any preferences pre-written in a Word document so you can easily copy and paste into the notes field in the registration form – this will save you time and effort! Information about your child’s nap times or feeding times is super helpful for planning.
  • If you have particular preferences – NAPA will do their best to accommodate your preferences, but in general, the more you add (such as start times etc) the harder it may be to easily schedule you into a session.
  • Therapy type preferences: If in doubt, you really don’t know, or you have only recently submitted an intake form, choose “therapist’s recommendations” for types of therapy option.
  • Make sure you complete all of your own and your child’s details in full, as well as your contact details. All fields must be completed in order for the form to be able to be submitted.
  • On the day, concentrate on making your own child’s session selections carefully when the form opens. Don’t waste precious time by ringing NAPA or posting on social media – that just wastes your time – and jams the NAPA phone lines! Remember you have more time this year to register so don’t panic!


You’ve got this NAPA Parents! 


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