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Birth Trauma (HIE) Information & Therapy Options at NAPA

Apr 01st, 2023 | by Monique Khattar

Monique Khattar

April 01st, 2023

What is Birth Trauma (HIE)?

Birth trauma, particularly Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE), refers to a condition that occurs when a newborn’s brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen and blood supply before, during, or after birth. This can result in long-term neurological complications, developmental delays, cognitive impairments, cerebral palsy, and/or other neurological disabilities.

What is the Cause of Birth Trauma (HIE)?

HIE is caused by a lack of oxygen and blood flow, which leads to damage to a baby’s brain tissue. It typically occurs due to complications during labor and delivery, such as umbilical cord issues restricting blood flow, placental issues reducing oxygen and nutrient supply to the baby, difficulties with the baby’s circulation and blood flow to the brain, and/or prolonged labor or difficult delivery.

What Are Some Challenges Children With Birth Trauma (HIE) May Face?

Please note: the severity and combination of symptoms can vary widely among individuals with Birth Trauma (HIE).

What Are Some Treatment Options for Birth Trauma (HIE)?

Early intervention and collaboration with a multidisciplinary team can help a child reach their full potential.

About the Author

Monique knew throughout her schooling that she wanted to pursue a career that would enable her to fulfill her passion for making a difference in the lives of children. She found this in the occupational therapy profession. Monique is enthusiastic and vibrant and will make each interaction a fun and valuable one by integrating play into therapy.  She is dedicated to constantly updating her knowledge through research and learning to ensure the best outcomes for children! When Monique is not at the NAPA Centre, you will find her taking on a new outdoor adventure or spending some quality time with her family.

About NAPA Centre 

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