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NAPA Centre Partners with CIAO Seminars

Jan 18th, 2023 | by NAPA Team


January 18th, 2023

CIAO Seminars and NAPA Centre partner to increase the accessibility of training dysphagia therapists in the use of VitalStim Therapy across the US, Australia, and UK

CIAO Seminars and NAPA Centre announced today that the companies have entered into a collaborative partnership that will increase accessibility of training dysphagia therapists in the use of  VitalStim Therapy. NAPA Centre will be hosting the VitalStim Therapy and Beyond: DINES Specialty Certificate Program – Paediatric Focus course to six cities in multiple countries in 2023.

The agreement brings together the only accredited NMES for dysphagia training and the world-renowned paediatric therapy centre. CIAO Seminars provides affordable, quality continuing education courses for Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists that enhance a therapist’s marketability and skills. NAPA Centre is dedicated to delivering innovative therapy services to children with a variety of neurological and developmental needs with nine locations globally including Australia and London (opening Fall 2023).

“For the past 20 years, CIAO Seminars has trained over 30,000 dysphagia therapists in 40 countries in this revolutionary treatment approach. This global partnership with NAPA Centre, merges CIAO and NAPA missions by taking care of therapists through this exceptional learning experience, state of the art training and ultimately bringing hope to families through innovated individualised treatment. It is an absolute honor to join forces with the world’s premier paediatric rehab centres.”

–Lesley Mateer, President, CIAO Seminars

By increasing accessibility to dysphagia therapists, patients and families will now be able to access VitalStim Therapy more easily on a global scale.

“For over 10 years, NAPA’s therapists have been training with CIAO Seminars to bring VitalStim Therapy into our practice and to our patients. We’re so excited to officially partner with CIAO Seminars to increase the accessibility of training of such an important modality, not only for our own staff, but other dysphagia therapists across the US, Australia, and UK.”

–Bryan LaScala, Chief Executive Officer, NAPA Centre

Paediatric dysphagia therapists seeking to be trained in the use of VitalStim Therapy for the treatment for dysphagia can visit www.ciaoseminars.com for more information. Family and caregivers interested in learning more about VitalStim Therapy treatment for their loved one can learn more here.

2023 VitalStim Therapy and Beyond Schedule

2023 VitalStim Therapy and Beyond: DINES Specialty Certificate Program – Paediatric Focus Dates & Locations hosted at NAPA Centre facilities:

  • Boston, MA: April 29-30, 2023
  • Sydney, Australia: May 27-28, 2023
  • Chicago, IL: July 29-30, 2023
  • Denver, CO: September 30-October 1, 2023
  • Los Angeles, CA: December 2-3, 2023
  • London, UK: TBA

About VitalStim Therapy

VitalStim Therapy is a FDA-cleared neuromuscular electrical stimulation device for dysphagia treatment. The VitalStim Therapy Specialty Program trains dysphagia therapists in the safe and effective use of VitalStim Therapy. CIAO Seminars is the exclusive provider of this training program and has trained over 30,000 therapists in 40 countries around the world. VitalStim Providers have incredible success in helping their patients to improve their swallowing and ultimately their quality of life.

VitalStim Provider Benefits

  • A Specialty Certificate from the only accredited NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) for Dysphagia course
  • VitalStim Provider designation
  • DINES (Dynamic Integration of NMES and Exercise for Swallowing) Provider designation
  • Access to dedicated NMES Clinical Consultant
  • Access to the VitalStim/DINES Provider Facebook group -a private network of thousands of active Providers
  • Listing on the official VitalStim/DINES Registry (www.vitalstimregistry.com – with over 2,000 searches each month offering a greater opportunity for families to get the best treatment possible for their loved one)
  • Access to the official VitalStim/DINES Provider Document Library
  • Access to continuing education specifically for VitalStim/DINES Providers
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