At NAPA, we work with a variety of medically complex patients every day, and we always take their personal health and safety very seriously.  Like all paediatric and health care settings, we already take extra precautions to keep our patients and staff well, but we have taken additional steps to manage the current evolving COVID-19 situation.
We want to reassure you that our current procedures in place are following the daily advice and information provided by the NSW and Victorian Health authorities, and announcements made by the relevant state bodies.
This may mean that the information below will be updated and may change regularly, so we kindly request that all clients refer to this page and all relevant announcements by your government authority before attending the clinic or confirming travel arrangements.


> Handwashing with soap is your best self-defence against the spread of germs. Use the “20-second” rule for you and your children. As a backup, we have loads of hand sanitiser stations readily available to you and your child around our clinics.
> Wipe down your personal toys or any belongings you or your child uses during therapy before and after their therapy session.  If you need additional sanitising wipes please ask your therapist or any NAPA team member.
> Please stay home if you, your child, or anyone in your household is not feeling well, especially if anyone displays a fever, are coughing or sneezing, are experiencing shortness of breath, display a rash, or any other symptoms. If you arrive to therapy or your child displays any of these symptoms in a session, you will be asked to leave until you are symptom-free for 48 hours. NAPA will require a medical certificate prior to returning. Your doctor may recommend a COVID-19 test. We will request a negative COVID-19 test notification before you will be allowed to return to the clinic.
> All families are encouraged to practice safe social distancing. We have lots of room in our parent’s room, but at times it can get busy so if you are wanting to spread out further, we invite you to take an empty treatment room or perhaps spend your break outside in the surounding areas or cafe, in the seating area in the building foyer or on our balcony area (in Sydney). We encourage your family to leave the clinic as soon as possible once your child’s therapy session is completed so we can minimise the amount of people in clinic at any one time.
> Please be mindful of media reports on recent hotspot venues, local government areas or outbreaks. Please do not come into the clinic if you currently live in, work in, have visited or been exposed to any of these venues in the lead up to your appointments.
> Help us keep our NAPA family safe by following all travel guidelines. Until further notice, we will be requiring a 14-day self-quarantine from all NAPA clinics for patients, families, and staff who have travelled overseas in the lead up to their intensive. If this applies to you and will affect your intensive dates, please contact us immediately. You and your family may not attend NAPA Centre until your local public health unit informs you and that it is safe to do so, and we will require a negative  COVID-19  test dated within 3 days of the start of your intensive before you will be allowed into the clinic. For further information on state border restrictions, please refer to your state’s website.


Until further notice, our sickness policy now requires any child or parent experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms to be free of symptoms for 48 hours prior to returning to therapy. Depending on your symptoms, you may also have to produce a negative COVID-19 test prior to returning to the clinic.
> All members of staff have undertaken training in Infection control provided by The Department of Health and all NAPA team members are having weekly surveillance Covid tests during official lockdown periods. Any staff member who is ill or shows symptoms of being ill will be sent home and will need to be free of symptoms for 48 hours prior to returning to the clinic. This may affect some schedules and we ask for your understanding at this time.
> We are asking that you limit each patient to one parent/caregiver present at a time. Please avoid bringing any additional family members to NAPA, including siblings. Exceptions may be made for infants, toddlers or only one additional adult for patients who require more than one carer for lifts and transitions. NAPA will continue to abide by limitations on the number of people in our premises as allowed and recommended by health authorities.
> We are temperature checking every individual that enters NAPA, every day. Our temperature checks are contactless but are a necessary additional precaution we need to take. Anyone with a temperature over 37.5 degrees will not be allowed to enter the NAPA premises.
> QR Code check-in. Everyone who enters NAPA including team members, clients and visitors must scan in using the QR code or fill out details on the manual log sheet if they do not have access to a device.
> Your therapists are being extra vigilant to ensure every mat, bench, toy, and piece of equipment used during your child’s session is clean and safe to use. We appreciate your assistance too during the session if you can, so your child minimises missing therapy time.
> Where we have smaller treatment rooms in our clinics, we will spread out accordingly. Please note that smaller rooms may have limits on the amount of people that can be in them at the one–time so we ask for your assistance in abiding by these rules. Staff will carefully plan and manage where they will run your child’s session in the NAPA clinic. We ask you to kindly respect their decision on this.
> We are disinfecting all clinic areas with hospital-grade cleaner regularly through the day and have scheduled additional cleaning sessions by our professional cleaning company every day.
> Facemasks are compulsory for all adults entering the clinic for the duration of their stay. Please bring your own mask or if you forget, we have face masks available for purchase at the clinic. Please note that we may still require the use of masks in clinic even when they are NOT mandated by state authorities. You may also still request your therapist to wear a mask during your child’s session during non-mandated times as well.
> Hand sanitiser is available throughout the clinic in pump packs and in hand-free dispensers. Please utilise them in conjunction with regular hand washing.
> During periods of state lock downs, no group activities (such as our End of Intensive Lunch or End of Intensive Photo) will take place. 


As NAPA is classified as an essential service (health and disability service), we will remain open during lockdowns as long as we are permitted to by the relevant state authorties. We will continue to take all of the above precautions to ensure a safe environment for you and your children and ask that all families also abide by all requests. If you are concerned about attending NAPA for scheduled appointments during a lockdown period, please contact us to discuss options for rescheduling your appointment or intensive or to change your appointments to telehealth.

In line with current State restrictions, anyone coming to NAPA from any named local government areas of concern undergoing additional lockdown measures must complete surveillance testing in the lead up to their visit as per state instructions. This means that upon entry into NAPA (or before) you must provide NAPA with proof that all adults in your party have had a Covid Test within the previous three days of your appointment and then subsequently every 3 days thereafter. We do not require a test for your child, unless they have recently been ill or have presented with COVID symptoms.

It is also imperative that any person visiting NAPA, no matter where you reside, checks State Authority websites for daily updates on Covid Hot Spot venues, and do NOT come to the clinic if you are considered a casual contact or close contact at any of these venues.

If the COVID-19 situation escalates and allied health services are advised to close for face-to-face appointments, we will be in touch with any family directly affected.


If NAPA is notified of a confirmed Covid case, or that the anyone who has visited NAPA is a close or casual contact, then NAPA will follow all instructions of the health authorities and adhere to all relevant protocols.  In the instance of a confirmed case being in the clinic, NAPA will immediately close and suspend all activities until the clinic has been deep cleaned, all team members have been tested and isolated for their applicable periods. NAPA will only reopen for face to face treatment in line with permissions from the relevant health authorities.


Please note that we will be flexible where possible and waive cancellation fees for intensives if they are cancelled beyond your control or if travel restrictions prohibit you from coming to NAPA. Please note that whilst NAPA is open and travel is unrestricted into Sydney and Melbourne, we will charge normal cancellation fees if you cancel within 30 days of the start of your intensive, when you have made the optional decision to cancel. We understand these are very challenging times, however we ask for your understanding and co-operation with these conditions so we can continue operating our clinic during these times. Please consider all aspects of how travel is being affected during COVID 19, including the potential need for you to isolate ahead of your intensive or afterwards.

If you pay a deposit or further amounts for an intensive that is affected by a clinic COVID closure or by state/international travel restrictions or quarantines, we will work with you to reschedule your intensive for a later date when things have settled down (subject to availability). Please note that there are no guarantees, as this will be reliant on a suitable space being available for your child at a later date. Any payments you have made will be held in credit until a time at which you can utilise them, minus any cancellation fees that may still be applicable.

If we are unable to find a suitable place for your child at a later date, you may request a refund for any payments made. As noted above, a cancellation fee may apply if you have not given us adequate notice. A fee of 3% of the amount being refunded will also be applicable should you request a refund as per our terms and conditions.


We will continue to keep you updated as any new information around travel and health restrictions for COVID-19 becomes available and will update this plan as current circumstances and advice changes. For up-to-date information or changes to NAPA’s Covid Policy, please always refer to this page as your source of truth.

Thank you for your support in keeping all our NAPA family happy and healthy!


We are here to help. Reach out anytime.

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