Easy Home Activity to help build Language Development

Aug 08th, 2012 | by Bryan LaScala
Bryan LaScala

Bryan LaScala

August 08th, 2012

Building Eye Contact (early form of communication)

1) Decrease or eliminate noise (television, people talking, radio etc.)

2) Decrease visual possible visual distractions (any object they continue to Look at over you)

3) Sit face to face at eye level, or have child higher (high chair, booster)

4) Hold an object near face to draw the child’s focus towards your face (without verbalizing)

5) Tap child’s check, noise, or lips, then tap yours. When child looks at you, very excitedly say “good looking’!!!

6) As you notice the child increasing eye contact, you can introduce “look at me”, or “look at this” and reward him/her for doing so.

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