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List of Best Kmart Toys Chosen by Paediatric Therapists

Dec 01st, 2023 | by NAPA Team


December 01st, 2023

K-Mart Toys We Love at NAPA Centre

On this list of Kmart toys, NAPA paediatric therapists have compiled their favorite toys for babies, children, and toddlers! In addition to being a ton of fun for kids, these toys were also chosen based on their specific capabilities for helping develop cause and effect skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, motor planning, and executive functioning skills. Happy playing!

Kmart Kids Toys: Developing Early Cause and Effect Skills

These awesome musical instruments are a simple and easy way of teaching your little ones that their actions result in a response. This helps your child to develop early communication and cognition skills. The instruments rely on the lightest touch meaning these toys are perfect for kids who haven’t yet developed the fine motor strength to push on buttons. 

1. Baby Einstein Upbeat Tunes (Ages 6-36 Months)


2. Baby Einstein Sing and Strung Ukulele (Ages 6-36 Months)


3. Baby Einstein First Melodies Piano (Ages 6-36 Months)


Best Kmart Toys for Developing Gross Motor Skills

Kmart has a range of resources that can be used for motor skill development, sitting, crawling, walking, balancing, jumping, and throwing. Many of these toys can be used on their own or be used together to create an awesome obstacle course. 

4. Sensory Water Play Mat (6+ Months):

This is a great for encouraging your child to stay in tummy time, propping their body up and using their arms to interact with the water.   

5. Light Up Play Tent (Ages 3+):

This is a fantastic sensory tool that will encourage your child to move in and out of the tent (crawling/ creeping/ walking), encourages lots of pretend play and can also be used with tunnel, as an end point of an obstacle course or could be set up in your home as a regulation area!   

6. Balance Trainer:

The balance trainer is great to use for children to develop their sitting balance, tolerance in four-point position, and standing balance.   

7. Curved Balance Beams (Ages 3+):

Children can work on their balance, motor planning, and coordination. 

8. Balance Buckets (Ages 3+):

Great for kids to practice their balance, stepping up and stepping down.   

9. Junior Sport Target (Ages 8+):

This is great for developing eye-hand coordination, throwing, motor planning, and another great obstacle course item. 

10. Cone, Pole and Hoop Set (Ages 3+):

There are endless ways to use this set including stepping over the markers, walking around the markers, jumping through the hoops, and climbing under the poles.  

11. Yoga Spin Game (Ages 6+):

Get ready to move, stretch, and exercise as a family with this fun yoga spin game, such a great way to develop strength and encourage mindfulness in your family.

Best Kmart Toys for Developing Fine Motor Skills

There are some incredible and affordable toys at Kmart for all ages that are great for developing fine motor skills 

12. Write and Draw Jumbo Water Mat (Ages 3+):

This water drawing mat allows children to draw with just water and water will evaporate over time, allowing it to be used over and over again. It’s a great way to encourage children to hold pencils, make marks, and learn to draw and write without creating too much mess!   

13. Bath Squirters:

Great to use during bath time and in water play to encourage your child to develop hand strength by holding and squeezing.   

14. 21 Piece Animal Tool Set (Ages 3+):

Kmart stocks a great basic tool set for play-doh which encourages a range of hand skills including pushing, squeezing, manipulating, and bimanual skills.

15. Wooden Threading Bead In Tray (Ages 3+):

A great way to encourage fine motor skills, bimanual control, and concentration. Create patterns for your child to copy and thread to encourage pattern recognition, colour recognition, and visual perception skills. 

16. Dog Doctor (Ages 5+):

This game is great for developing grasp on a utensil, fine motor accuracy, and eye-hand coordination.   

Kmart Kids Games for Developing Executive Functioning Skills

Kmart now stocks ‘Smart Games’, which are multi-level logic games great for developing children’s executive functioning skills. Executive functioning is the cognitive processing of our brains and includes problem-solving, planning, working memory, flexible thinking, and attention. There are many of these Kmart kids’ games available for different age groups. We narrowed it down to our top two choices. 

17. Three Little Piggies (3-6 years) 

Link: Amazon (currently unavailable online at Kmart)

18. Little Red Riding Hood (4-7 years)  

Link: Amazon (currently unavailable online at Kmart)

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