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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for NAPA Mums

Apr 21st, 2020 | by Melissa Schlemmer

Melissa Schlemmer

April 21st, 2020

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you don’t have to wait until the last minute to find the perfect gift. As a mum of three busy boys I’ve got you covered. I’ve been doing this mum thing for nine years, and although I may not have the status of veteran quite yet, I surely am deep in the trenches right now. My eccentric two year old, cheeky 7 year old with a disability, and 9 year old all keep me knee deep in fingerpaint while asking Google math problems. I may not know what every mum needs, but I have an idea of a few things that any mum would be happy to receive.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Photo source: shipt.com

1. Subscription to ​Shipt ​or similar delivery service. Ok, let’s be real. I love long walks around Target as much as anyone, BUT sometimes the idea of loading up all of the kids just to run in for command strips and dishwasher detergent sounds less inviting than a trip to the dentist.



2. Gift certificate for a cleaning service. Now hear me out. The satisfaction of having a clean house from top to bottom is almost heavenly, fleeting, but heavenly. And if I don’t have to do it…even better.



Photo source: commemo.co

3. Commemo Book.​ These custom books are gorgeous and unique. The format is already laid out for you, which makes the process much easier. You add all of your own photos and sentiments with the option to invite friends and family to add their own. This would definitely be a treasured gift.



Photo source: littlestwarrior.com

4. Advocate Like A Mother t-shirt.​ If anyone knows me, they know I love my statement apparel. This t-shirt is a great conversation starter, mood booster, and fun way to show how fierce mums are. (Don’t worry, they have shirts for other family members too so no one feels left out!)



Photo source: harpershandmadeco.com

5. Personalized bead bracelets​. Bead bracelets are fun and can be worn for just about any occasion. Personalizing them with a child’s name is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. So easy, all you need to do is spell the names correctly! The hardest part will be choosing the color scheme.



6. Cold brew pitcher and frother. I love treating myself to Starbucks. The first sip of my cold foam cold brew almost makes me forget my long list of to-do’s. But sometimes the weekly trips turn into daily trips and before I know it I’m adding money to my Starbucks app more often than I’d like. A cold brew pitcher and ​frother ​have made it so I never have to spend another dime at Starbucks. Ok, maybe not that dramatic. But close.


7. Tula cooling and brightening eye balm​. Sleepless nights anyone? Here too. This eye balm feels so good and not only makes me look more alive, it makes me feel more alive too. Tired eyes will thank you.




8. Sunglasses. If brightening eye balm isn’t enough, sunglasses will help deceive others into thinking she’s had a full nights sleep. And everyone looks a little bad#$* in a pair of Ray-bans, right?


9. Wireless earbuds. How many times does a mum not have enough hands? All day, every day, right? Wireless earbuds would make multi-tasking a little easier. No more wired earbuds getting caught on the drawer handle in the middle of a conversation or stuffing the phone into places it doesn’t belong. These are a lifesaver.


10. Message board with letters​. These boards are a great way to add a little fun in the home decor or add personal messages for holidays and birthdays. The kids can even get in on it and make the first one personalized just for mum!



“As a mum, the greatest gifts are truly the children I call my own.”

Of course, there’s always the treasured macaroni necklaces and painted handprint photos. If you’re looking for something to add to that cereal bracelet you just might find something here. As a mum, the greatest gifts are truly the children I call my own. But I won’t say no to a night off or bubble bath with a glass of wine. Alone. All. Alone. Seriously though, even if one of these gift ideas isn’t your jam, I hope you find a way to make the mums in your life feel a little extra special this Mother’s Day. They deserve it. 

About the Author

Melissa is a mum of three boys who resides in Minnesota. She travels to NAPA LA for Intensive therapy for her son Christopher and is always looking for ways to incorporate the entire family into everyday activities that promote speech, occupational therapy, and physical activity.

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