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NAPA Graduate Program

Are you a new graduate looking to secure your first role in the paediatric industry? Do you have a passion for helping children and supporting those living with disabilities? Then the NAPA Graduate Program may just be for you! 

The NAPA Graduate program has been developed to help facilitate the transition of new-graduate therapists from students into high-quality paediatric-focused allied health professionals through the provision of continued, tailored, and structured support through their first year of employment.  

NAPA Australia offers graduate positions across its Australian clinics (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) for each of its key disciplines: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Pathology. The program is open to all new-graduates or those with under one year of experience. Following the initial 12 months, the graduates then roll into a normal employment contract pending satisfactory completion of key learning milestones throughout the year. 

Program Description

  • Employment in the graduate program commences in late January each year, and runs for 12 months which will then roll into continued employment as long as you are reaching expected clinical growth and targets. NAPA Centre occasionally takes graduate applications outside of these times pending business needs, and may need to modify the program based on this. 
  • Roles are available in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Therapy 
  • The Graduate Program roughly follows the following timeline each year: 
    • Applications open from July.  
    • Applications close 10th October.  
    • Interviews and in-clinic trial days occur during October/November. (It is expected that all shortlisted candidates are able to complete an in-clinic shadowing day as part of the interview process for NAPA to get to know you better and for you to familiarise yourself with the clinic).
    • Successful applicants will be advised and have contracts finalised by late November.
    • Employment generally commences late-January.  

In order to best support each graduate, the program has been designed with an increased level of structured ongoing support alongside continuual developmental opportunities provided in comparison to roles offered to more experienced therapists. Graduate Programs also have caseloads gradually built into their schedules rather than being immediately filled.


The NAPA Graduate Program Training Structure 

0-12 weeks:

Full NAPA Paediatric Training program (developed by our International team of therapists) featuring 1:1 training and shadowing where you will always have an experienced NAPA therapist in your sessions. During this time, you will progressively become more involved with planning and leading your sessions and see very limited clients 1:1, providing you with the opportunity to learn and grow.  

3-6 months:

Discipline specific weekly mentoring with assigned New Graduate Mentor and monthly meetings with a member of our NAPA Leadership team. Additional weekly self-directed CPD hour (NAPA Grow Hour) commences in this block and remains from this point on.

6-12 months:

Discipline Specific fortnightly mentoring with assigned New Graduate Mentor + monthly meetings with a member of our NAPA Leadership team. NAPA Grow Hour remains in weekly schedule as well as allocation of external PD budget. 


In Addition, NAPA Graduates Can Expect the Following:  

  • Continued access to New Graduate therapist resources/program including recorded lectures/presentations on common & typical diagnoses seen at NAPA, frequently used techniques/treatment strategies and an introduction to the NDIS  
  • Wellbeing resources including a New Graduate Survival kit filled with experiences, feedback and advice from previous new-graduate therapists.
  • Continued Professional Development (CPD) 
    • Scheduled CPD time to work through NAPA Graduate program  
    • NAPA Grow week (Staff development week) each year 
    • NAPA Grow hour (self-driven learning in schedule each week) – scheduled from week 13 
    • External budget for CPD that starts year one and escalates year on year, including the NAPA match promise for additional learning on top of your yearly budget. 
  • Documentation time built into schedule from week one, including daily hour for documentation and additional documentation hours throughout the week.
  • Caseload will be carefully considered and eased onto your schedule in line with your NAPA Graduate training. 
  • Regular access to the global NAPA team for further upskilling and development.
  • Once training has been completed, therapists will gradually build towards independently treating 5-6 clients per day towards the tail end of the 12 month program. Our intensive model of therapy allows therapists to build rapport and establish a plan with their clients daily over a three-week period.

Apply now!!!

If you are interested in applying for the NAPA Graduate program, please complete this form and attach your resume for consideration. 

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