Developmental Feeding

Our occupational and speech pathologists will work with your child to help them learn to feed themselves so they can become more independent.

Feeding an infant or child or teaching them to eat independently can sometimes be challenging. Mealtimes may become stressful for both the parent and child, or even turn into battles which both the parent and child dread.

Feeding Therapy at NAPA Centre

At NAPA Centre, we offer relationship-based developmental feeding services to address feeding issues. Our occupational and speech pathologists take a comprehensive approach targeting muscular coordination, sensory processes, and social experiences associated with eating. We are also one of the few clinics in Australia that offer VitalStim therapy for the treatment of dysphasia and swallowing difficulties.


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Your child may benefit from occupational or speech pathology feeding services if they:
  • 01. Refuse the Spoon

    Meaning they fight eating during mealtimes or refuse to eat all together. 

  • 02. Can't keep food down

    Demonstrate difficulties with chewing, gag or vomit when eating

  • 03. Have Weight Issues

    Demonstrate poor weight gain

  • 04. Demonstrate Overstuffing

    Overstuff their mouth or place non-food items in their mouth

  • 05. Only Eat Small Amounts

    Eat only a small amount despite hunger or have a limited food repertoire

  • 06. Avoid Certain Textures

    Avoid certain food textures

  • 07. Avoid Teeth Brushing

    Dislike having their teeth brushed

  • 08. Use Feeding Tubes

    Are fed with a g-tube/NG-tube

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