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Kathryn Schmuck

Kathryn Schmuck

Jul 05th, 2024 | by NAPA Team


July 05th, 2024

AS Allied Health & AA Interdisciplinary Studies. Cañada College. Kathryn has always loved helping others. Prior to her role as a Clinic Aide at NAPA she worked as a caregiver for the elderly where her passion blossomed. She learned the value of patience and compassion, which has not only helped her when it comes to caring for others; but also for herself. Kathryn also has a deep love of children. Her time working as a nanny and her role as an Auntie have brought childlike joy into her life and she is excited to share and continue to feel joy while working with the kids of NAPA Center. When Kathryn is not at NAPA, you can find her her painting on her balcony, enjoying a hike, or playing tourist just trying to see what the city has to offer. She is excited to continue to explore all life has to offer!

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