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Steven Zachary Sofley

Steven Zachary Sofley

Sep 07th, 2022 | by NAPA Team


September 07th, 2022

Zack chose the field of Physical Therapy in order to help other people. While he was able to work with various ages in this field, Zach found he most enjoyed working with kids! To see the progression and impact Physical Therapy has on children and their families is what Zack strives to continually pursue and accomplish in his medical career. Helping families meet their full capabilities and obtain the goals they never thought were possible is why Zach is proud to put on his NAPA shirt each morning. When Zack is not working at NAPA, he likes to be outdoors on hikes or bike rides with his girlfriend. He also enjoys playing sports, but primarily enjoys golf! On rainy days, he likes to play video games or watch a streaming series. He also loves to watch sporting events on TV such as football, golf, hockey, and F1.

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