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Zoi Daniilaki

Zoi Daniilaki

Jun 20th, 2024 | by NAPA Team


June 20th, 2024

MSc Paediatric Physiotherapy, University College London, UK
Zoi was inspired to specialise in children’s physiotherapy at an early stage of her studies. She first worked as a live-in carer supporting adults with disabilities and when qualified she moved to the UK where she worked in various community children’s services in NHS before starting her role at NAPA. Zoi loves supporting children to achieve their maximum potential through fun, imaginative play. She is highly determined into empowering parents or carers to better understand their child’s needs but also help them develop skills that can improve the child’s quality of life. When Zoi is not at NAPA she can be found walking her dog, practicing yoga or exploring the globe, chasing waterfalls. You can also find her volunteering at a children’s disability Race Running Club in Greenwich.

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