Shaving Cream 101

Apr 02nd, 2018 | by NAPA Team


April 02nd, 2018

In this video, NAPA Kidz Academy Director Glenda shares her favorite shaving cream activity for toddlers.  If you prefer text, we’ve transcribed the video for you below. Have fun!


Toddler Activity: Shaving Cream

Today I have Carter and Jade here with me, and we are going to be using shaving cream. Shaving cream is so fun!

Encourages language

This encourages language, you can explain to them how foamy it is, how thick it is, ask them what color it is.

Great for sensory

This is great for sensory — sometimes kids don’t like to use their hands for messy activities, so another method could be to use a paint brush instead. Jade wants to use a brush because she doesn’t like the cream on her hands. After our attempts with them using their hands, they weren’t too satisfied with that, so we got them some paint brushes.

Learning shapes, letters, and more

You can ask your kids to draw shapes, colors, letters, and numbers

Shaving cream is so much fun!

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