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Spider Therapy Now Offered at NAPA!

Jan 04th, 2013 | by Bryan LaScala

Bryan LaScala

January 04th, 2013

We are proud to announce we have a NEW spider in the house!

Like many of the treatments techniques NAPA Center has adopted, Spider Therapy first originated outside of the US in Poland, at the Norman Rehabilitation Center.

While visiting the Norman Rehabilitation Center in Poland, Lynette and Cody loved the uniqueness of this therapy. One can stand while being supported by a web of bungees of different tension attached to belts around certain points on the patient’s body at one end, and to different points on the surrounding construction on the other end.

Unlike the cage we typically use here at Napa, the NEW Spider Therapy Unit is a “spiderweb” of bungies individualized for each patient at the core or many parts of the body.

The Spider Allows the therapist to work with the patient standing independently in a correct physiologic position. We use to say the cage was like having an extra pair of hands, now it’s a whole team! With the support of the web the therapist can stimulate and strengthen the muscles and other parts of the body. Spider Therapy enables independent and controlled movement while giving the patient the confidence and motivation they need to succeed!
Working with cerebral palsy, developmental delays, brain injuries, SPINAL CORD INJURIES, and other neuromuscular conditions.

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