Support for Parents

Your welfare as a parent or carer of a special needs child is, in many ways, as important as the journey that your child is going through. At NAPA, we understand that planning, arranging and ultimately attending therapy is a full time job and are here to support you as best that we can. Members of our management team are ‘NAPA Parents’ as well, with children who have and still do, attend NAPA for therapy, so we have some understanding of the challenges you may be facing. At any time, please feel free to reach out to us for advice, assistance or just a sympathetic ear.

We also have the other following initaitives to help support you in your journey as well.


Throughout the year we routinely host parent information evenings on topics relevant to you and bringing up your child. They may be therapy based, but ultimately are designed to provide you with information and guidance. Previous topics have included CPR/First Aid courses, School readiness, parent support and navigating the NDIS. Keep an eye on our Australian Facebook Page for up to date announcements on our next NAPA Nights event.


Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle treatment approach that uses light touch to help the body relax by easing restrictions in the tissues, restoring the body’s natural rhythms, and calming the nervous system. Did you know the best way to support a child’s regulation is through your own regulation? When we slow our own body rhythms – including heart rate, breathing, and nervous system activation – children’s body rhythms naturally tend to slow down as well (through a process called entrainment). Let’s be real – this has been a tough year even without the stress of caring for children and day-to-day adulting. Give yourself a chance to de-stress a little bit because when you’re calmer and your children are calmer, it’s a win-win situation!

Craniosacral Therapy is now available in our Sydney clinic through our qualified craniosacral therapist and occupational therapist – Maggie Rosenberg. Sessions are 45 minutes in length and we will do our best to coordinate this with your child’s existing therapy schedule. Your first session will be provided as a free trial, with subsequent sessions charged at our regular occupational therapy rate.


The greatest support you can receive in your journey may just be from people you don’t even know yet! Out NAPA community is a powerful way to make quick connections, especiually when searching for answers to questions or support from others who are going through similar challenges. Our Parents room at NAPA is the best place to make these connections where we have literally witnessed lifelong friendships commence! Apart from that, our social media networks are a great source of information, inspiration and support – here you will be surrounded by our beautiful NAPA community, where you can ask whatever question you like! We have both our official Australian Facebook page (run by NAPA) as well as the parent-run NAPA Australia Parents Page.