Why Parents Participating in Therapy Sessions is an Integral Part of a Child’s Treatment

Oct 29th, 2015 | by Lynette LaScala

Lynette LaScala

October 29th, 2015

In the current practice of physical therapy for children with chronic physical disabilities, more and more attention is paid to parental participation. In the past, physical therapy was mainly impairment oriented, with supposed effects on the daily functioning of the child. It was the exclusive domain of therapists and physicians. Parents were usually not involved in the therapy for their children. It was not until recently that physical therapists became more aware of the possible role of parents. The role of parents changed from a passive one into an active participating one. Parents became a sort of co-therapist, meaning that while therapists decided on the treatment goals and methods, parents were expected to perform the treatment activities at home in cooperation with the treatment activities of the therapist in the clinic.

The first argument involves child functioning. In order to transfer physical therapy in the rehabilitation center to the daily functioning of the child, it is important to introduce therapy activities into daily practice. Parents can play a crucial role in this transfer. The second factor is the effect this has on the role of the parent. Parents who participate in the physical therapy for their children with disabilities are likely to develop more insight into the impairments and abilities of their children, resulting in a more realistic view of their child’s potential in terms of daily functioning. By participating in therapy, parents can become more adept at taking care of their child. Eventually, this increases parents’ confidence in their own competence and reduces parental stress.

At NAPA, each client’s customized therapy plan addresses their needs at different stages of their development and is often timed to coincide with the client’s growth and developmental spurts.  NAPA’s goal is to help each individual achieve results quickly so their therapy can continue to advance them to the next level.

NAPA was founded in 2008 by Lynette LaScala. NAPA center provides both traditional and non-traditional therapies from around the world to both children and adults. Some of the therapies include traditional physical, occupational, and speech therapies. NAPA therapists travel the world to be trained in the most unique and state of the art techniques. They are extremely proud to say that the results they have seen with their therapies have been astounding. That is why NAPA is a step above the rest. Contact them today to find out why they are a world renowned neurological and physical rehabilitation center.

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