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4 At Home Activities with an Exercise Ball

Sep 09th, 2021 | by NAPA Team


September 09th, 2021

NAPA PT Kimberley is here to share at home activities with an exercise ball. If you prefer text, we have the video transcribed for you below. Have fun!

1. Dynamic Single Imbalance

Put the ball down on the ground and have your child put one foot on the ball. You can have a countdown, for instance countdown from 5 seconds. If this is too hard, you can have them use the wall for hand support. If this is too easy, you can up the challenge by having them pass the ball between the two legs.

2. Partner Pass

Incorporates core, obliques, and gives a good trunk rotation. For this exercise, your child will need a partner. Standing back to back, you will rotate to hand off the ball to each other. Pass the ball to one side, twist your body, and get the ball in front again. To make this easier, you can do it from a sitting position. To make it harder, you can up the repetitions or add a weighted ball.

3. Quadruped Roll Ups

This exercise is great for working on shoulder stability and also working on legs. Have your child get down on hands and knees and place one hand on the ball to roll it forward. You can work both sides. If this is too hard, you can have your child place one hand on the ball and hold it. If this is too easy, they can alternate each time they roll the ball back and forth.

4. Wall Roll

Our last exercise is great for working on shoulder stabilization. The child will roll the ball up the wall with two hands. You can make this fun for your kid by having a target up on the wall. Place a sticker, puzzle piece, or something that will get them excited to get the ball all the way up to the top. Have your child place the ball on the wall with two hands and roll the ball all the way to the top and all the way back down.

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