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About NAPA Brisbane, Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre


NAPA (Neurological and Physical Abilitation) is a family business built on the love that parents have for their children. NAPA Centre was founded in 2008 by Lynette LaScala after spending two decades traveling around the world in search of the best therapies and treatments for her son Cody. Cody experienced a near drowning accident on his first birthday, after which Lynette made it her life’s mission to help him reach his full potential and instill hope. Her journeys around the world inspired her to make the best and most innovative therapies available under one roof. Now, NAPA has grown into a leader in paediatric therapy with multiple clinics worldwide. We’re excited to share that our eighth clinic will be opening soon near Brisbane, Queensland, and we’re ready to hear from local families who may be interested in weekly paediatric physio. Contact our team today to discover how NAPA can help your child or loved one. The tentative address for NAPA Brisbane is 1/31 Commercial Drive, Shailer Park, QLD 4128













About Paediatric Physio at Our Brisbane Clinic

At NAPA Centre, our highly trained paediatric physiotherapists challenge the child in a loving environment, pushing their performance and helping them achieve new developmental milestones. All of our therapists —physio, speech, and occupational—work with each other and with family members to assess each child’s current functioning level. Then they create an individualised plan to help each child achieve optimal results. We offer paediatric physiotherapy in both weekly and intensive settings.



Physiotherapy can benefit your child if he/she is experiencing or has experienced:


To learn more, visit the NAPA Paediatric Physiotherapy Program Page. For additional resources, browse the NAPA Physiotherapy Blog!

Therapies Offered

Weekly Paediatric Physio

Welcoming families local to Brisbane to join us for weekly paediatric physio sessions. Our passionate paediatric physiotherapists provide your child with individualised therapy sessions tailored to your child's unique needs. We work with children of all ages with a variety of neurological and developmental needs. To discover how NAPA can help your child, contact us to learn more about our physiotherapy offerings at our new clinic opening soon near Brisbane.

Innovative Physio Tools & Methods

The NeuroSuit utilises technology originally from the Russian space program to fight the effects of weightlessness. The NeuroSuit helps hold the patient’s body in correct alignment and adds additional weight bearing through the use of bungee type bands that are attached to the suit. Our patients also participate in a variety of dynamic balance activities in the Multifunctional Therapy Unit, also called the SpiderCage. These include transitioning from sitting to quadruped, quadruped to kneeling, and transition all the way to standing with the assistance of bungee cords attached to the patient from four angles. This equipment is referred to as the “SpiderCage” due to the eight bungees used to assist the patient.

Intensive Paediatric Physiotherapy

Our intensive physiotherapy consists of 30 to 60 hours of vigorous therapy in just 3 weeks using the NeuroSuit and Universal Exercise Units. This highly effective method of treatment uses cutting-edge methods to challenge the child and achieve new physical abilities. NAPA therapists create a customised intensive therapy program for each patient that varies in time, duration, intensity, and tools used. Children often advance to the next developmental skill or higher during the three-week program.

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